Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

It’s great to have new carpeting…….the smell, the feel and the appearance is all worth it. We wish it would always stay that way. The best way to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum on a regular basis with a strong, filtered vacuum cleaner. Heavy traffic, children, pets and normal wear will unfortunately wear out your carpet. The fibers will become soiled and the appearance may be dull. It seems no matter how much you vacuum, you will eventually need to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Regular professional cleaning may be compared to vehicle maintenance by a trained mechanic performing routine tune ups. Your carpet may appear clean on the surface, but periodic cleaning by a certified professional removes what you cannot see. Using a Certified Firm such as Econo Kleen at least twice per year will help you maintain that fresh, beautiful appearance for a healthier and cleaner home or business.

Commercial carpet receives much more wear and tear than residential carpeting. It is important to select a grade of commercial carpet that will be durable enough to withstand your office’s heavy traffic. The grade consists of the construction of fibers, pile, design and color. All of these factor into its proper use in the office, as “cheap” is not always best because it may not clean nicely. Then it must be installed properly and vacuumed on a regular basis with quick attention being paid to spots and spills.

To have your office’s carpet looking its best, Econo Kleen recommends having it professionally cleaned at least twice per year in order to restore the brightness, lift the pile, improve the overall appearance and quality of your indoor air environment.

Furniture in your home or office also needs your attention. It takes a beating just as your carpet does from children, pets, body oils and spills. Periodic vacuuming is recommended along with quick attention to spots and spills. A certified professional should clean your furniture fabrics every 12-18 months. Furniture and fabric manufacturers do not recommend waiting until your fabric is extremely soiled to have it cleaned. The longer stains sit and the greater the soiling, the less likely the colors and texture are able to be restored.

Regular cleaning of your fabric furniture by a Certified Firm such as Econo Kleen is recommended to restore the appearance, increase longevity and have it looking like new.