Mold Remediation

When there is excessive humidity or moisture for a lengthy period of time, mold becomes a problem in a home or office. Origination of the water source may be from slow plumbing leaks, broken pipes, poor ventilation or a leaky roof. Areas of high humidity such as a bathroom, or warm moist air can facilitate mold growth. Having a Certified Firm like Econo Kleen evaluate your situation and provide the proper course of action is recommended.

If conditions permit, mold may grow anywhere inside a home or office. If there is visible growth on painted wall surfaces, you should be concerned as to what is growing on the opposite side of that wall. Conditions inside the walls are often drastically different than the outside and provide a perfect breeding environment for mold. It can be almost guaranteed that if a wall is wet for a prolonged period of time, any mold growth will be worse on the inside of the wall than it is on the outside. It becomes crucial at this point to contain the contaminated area, remove the moldy materials and follow up with cleaning and salvaging the framework.

The proper steps to follow in remediating mold contamination include:

  1. Identifying the moisture source(s)
  2. Evaluate mold growth whether it be visible or suspected
  3. Contain contamination to the smallest possible area
  4. Remove contamination
  5. Dry materials to ensure the mold will not return