After a disaster such as fire, smoke or water has had its way with your home or business, we do not recommend taking the clean up procedures on yourself. In order to return your home or business to its original beauty, we recommend immediately contacting a certified professional firm such as Econo Restoration ServicesEcono Restoration Services will begin advising you as to the proper sequence of events that will take place. We tell you exactly what will be done on every phase of your restoration project from our original observation until the last piece of furniture is put back in its place.

We do not leave in the middle of your project to work on another as this would compromise the integrity of your structure and put everyone behind schedule. Once the paperwork is signed, we begin your project and are committed to it until the end. You will have a timetable from us for each phase and can expect it to be adhered to. Each member of our team knows how crucial restoration is and each one takes great pride in the quality of their work.

Restoring a disaster damaged home or business is a process that is crucial and challenging, involving multiple services and perhaps several contractors. More than one (1) criteria must be considered in selecting a “Certified Firm.” The most important ones are listed:

  1. Formal education in specific restoration areas (Do they specialize in the area that I need them for?)
  2. Certificates of continuing education on new techniques and technology
  3. Technician certification through a recognized industry organization
  4. Experience Experience Experience in a wide range of restoration areas
  5. Insurance
After the fire trucks drive away or a water leak is fixed, the damage has begun. If you do not have the rapid response your home or business deserves from well-experienced professionals like Econo Restoration Services, the integrity of your structure is extremely compromised, greatly increasing the costs and losses.